Friday, April 26, 2019


am seeking greater light and truth from the Eternal realms. Humbly seeking knowledge from the highest Source. Recognizing that i of myself am nothing & nobody, and of my mortal self am not able to even discern rightly, nor to clearly understand much at all, & i am especially not able to judge other people’s motives actions thoughts feelings or innermost needs, therefore i feel it is foolish to trust in the arm of flesh (“arm of flesh” meaning either another human or group of humans and the things they say & teach, OR myself & my five senses & my limited perception of things, and my faulty reasoning ability, assumptions, judgments & decisions). Without God, i don't even know myself. My TRUE self, that is. As Merton wrote, "Every one of us is shadowed by an illusory person: a false self." Instead, i want to turn to God and his revealed word, place my trust in God alone, ask for his guidance & Spirit, seek his mind & will in everything, come to know him (and in doing so, to know myself. My true self. The one created in the exact image of God).

I encourage other people to draw ever closer to him too. God lives! He has amazingly revealed himself to me. I wish to better hear his voice, commune with him, see him, and to walk in his paths forever. As described in Hebrews 11, i seek not the things of this world, but will gladly leave it all behind to seek God's will by faith and hope. I will give up everything i have, and everything i am (or mistakenly thought i am) to know him. I desire to serve others (and in so doing, to serve God), as opposed to being preoccupied with whatever serves my individual self and my own wants & needs, self-interest or any of my own ambitions to prosper, to accomplish things, or to “get ahead” in this world, or even to earn a reward for myself in the next life (since selfishness=sin). Trust in God is all i need to concern myself with: exercising faith & repenting (casting off from myself everything that is NOT God).

I seek daily with all my heart and soul in prayer, meditation, feelings, thoughts, words, actions, faith, and study, to really know Yahweh (God), the giver of all good gifts; the Source from which ALL GOOD springs, in & through his son Yahshua ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah). The One True God (Deut. 6:4) may be found by seeking him with one's whole heart, and by really studying and searching his word as found in the Holy Scriptures. The Lord our God may also be found while walking in nature, while listening to inspiring music, and in so many other ways. By taking notice of every bit of good that exists, whether within ourselves or in another human or in nature; living things as well as in all of creation. I give thanks for all the good that God constantly rains down upon us, living in gratitude and seeking to be more aware and to always remember, to keep a prayerful mindset, and to seek diligently for every good gift from him, so that i will thereby have somewhat to give & to share with all my fellow humans here on our amazing world. Even when it's to my own hurt and requires voluntary self-sacrifice, i hope to always serve & help lift others up rather than putting them down in any way. I desire to help make the world a better place, by the gifts & grace of him to whom all honor and praise rightfully belongs.

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